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TICK + AID (TM) Individual Custom Tick Removal Kit

TICK + AID (TM) Individual Custom Tick Removal Kit

At Progressive Primary Care Solutions Prevention is our Priority.


TICK + AID (TM) was designed by a Registered Nurse and created by a dedicated team of professionals at PPCS.


TICK + AID is an all-in-one tick removal, tick identification, tick-testing and educational tool designed to:1) increase awareness about Lyme and Tick-Borne Illnesses 2) help prevent the spread of Lyme and Tick-Borne illnesses 3) more rapidly identify and diagnose symptomatic people leading to 4) more specific and appropriate treatment.


Tick populations are on the rise across the country, and mutating at a rapid pace. Research confirms that tick-borne diseases can be transmitted as soon as a bite occurs. Lyme and tick-borne illnesses are also on the rise wreaking havoc across communities. The diseases transmitted by ticks often cause catastrophic and long-term health conditions that are very difficult to diagnose and properly treat without knowing what the individual was exposed to.


Time is of the essence with a tick bite, and individuals who have a TICK + AID by PPCS tick removal kit on hand, are more likely to prevent further exposure and are more likely to be accurately and quickly diagnosed and treated, if they have sent their tick for testing.


TICK + AID is hand packed with all the necessary supplies to effectively remove a tick and properly cleanse a tick bite. This kit also provides tick identification cards as well as packaging supplies and information on how to ship the tick to a free tick-testing lab.


The free tick testing lab information provides individuals the opportunity to have a tick tested to identify which diseases they may have been exposed to. Should an individual come down with symptoms, they know exactly what they were exposed to, which can lead to early diagnosis and faster and more specific treatment. Made in the USA Contents: Fine-Tip Tweezers with Magnifying glass, Gloves – non latex, Cleansing and Antiseptic swabs, Tick Identification Card, Small Bag with label for tick storage, 1 2x2 gauze pad 1 Round Band-Aid (non-latex)PPCS Tick Removal Guidelines Card, tick storage and shipping information for a free tick testing lab.

  • Contents Do Not Expire. All sales are final.

    Our products contain healthcare supplies that cannot be returned or reused and all purchases are final. Thank you for understanding that we do not accept returns or refunds for this reason. 

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