Our kits are for sale in any state and currently provide information for free tick testing for ticks collected in New York State. 

Our website also lists information for free tick testing lab for customers in PA. 

We will be listing fee for service tick testing labs for customers outside of NY and PA. 

Our Tick Removal Kits are designed for humans but can be used on animals. Kits include information to a free tick testing lab for individuals or animals bitten in New York State. We are actively working on specific TICK-AID Tick Removal Kits with state specific testing in others states including Pennsylvania. 



Registered Nurse Women Owned Business

Founded in 2017 in Cooperstown, New York, Progressive Primary Care Solutions' mission is to improve the lives of the individuals and communities we serve through the creation of effective and innovative preventative solutions. 

Every purchase made and every tick collected and tested, supports the research needed to increase funding to create more accurate and effective testing and treatment for LYME and Tick-Borne illnesses. Through further research and funding we will be able to more rapidly diagnosis and more effectively treat individuals suffering from LYME and Tick-Borne illnesses. 

Made in the USA 



Would you like to be a TICK-AID by PPCS Custom Tick Removal Kit distributor? Or order large quantities? Please submit a request and one of our associates will be in touch with you within 1-2 business days. 

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